Three Gifts
Valryn Style

To help in your service to the eldest Valryn he is offering three gifts to each of the party members. They include a choice of runes or magical artifacts.

Runes are sigils that will be tattooed on your body. The first rune must be the Heartrune, which determines your identity. The rest can be placed on different places on your body and act as permanent magical artifacts that will evolve and improve over time. Once chosen they can not be erased or changed, as they are linked to your Heartrune and, therefore, become a part of your identity. Runes supersede and nullify any magical artifact that occupy the same part of the body. So, for instance, arm runes that improve your archery will mean you will never be able to make proper use of, say Bracers of Ogre Strength.


  • The Heartrune: Does not affect any artifacts you may wear. Upon receiving a Heartrune you may change the following, as you rewrite parts of your identity:
    • You may change your class
    • You may rearrange your existing ability scores. (Be sure to take into account racial adjustments.)
    • You may reallocate your Skill Points.
    • You may change your chosen Feats.
    • If applicable, you may change your Spells Known.
  • Head: Requires a shaven head for the tattooing process, though your hair may grow back naturally. The runes are asily hidden with a hood until your hair returns. Does not extend beyond the hair line. Prevents the use of magical headbands, circlets, crowns, helms, hats, etc.
    • Sight: Improves your vision
    • Intellect: Improves your capacity for knowledge.
    • Mind Shield: Protects your mind from psychic assaults.
  • Face: Tattoos directly on your face. Difficult runes to hide, unless you wear a mask. Prevents the use of magical monocles, lenses, masks, veils, etc.
    • Artifice: Allows you to discern the true value of objects.
    • Accuracy: Improves proficiency with ranged attacks.
    • Penetrating Gaze: Your gaze can spot weakness in magical defenses. (Only useful to spellcasters.)
  • Neck: Runes wrap around your throat. Can be hidden by scarves and the like. Prevents the use of magical amulets, torcs, brooches, pendants, etc.
    • Understanding: Improves your awareness, willpower, and intuition.
    • Thick Skin: Improves your body’s natural defenses against physical attacks.
    • Purity: Improves your body’s defenses against poisons and disease.
  • Shoulders: Runes are drawn from one shoulder to the next across your collar and nape. Easily hidden by clothing with sleeves, though loose collars may leave the runes exposed. Prevents the use of magical capes, mantles, cloaks, etc.
    • Charm: Improves your presence and natural ability to communicate.
    • Luck: A somewhat fickle rune that may improve your fortune/destiny.
    • Concealment: Allows you to escape notice easier.
  • Upper Torso: Runes drawn across your chest and upper back, surrounding your Heartrune. Easily hidden with regular clothing. Prevents the use of magical vests, shirts, tunics, etc. Does not affect magical armor.
    • Resistance: Improves mental, bodily, and reflexive resistances.
    • Antipyro: Improves resistance to flames and fire-based attacks.
    • Health: Improves your general health and hardiness.
  • Lower Torso: The runes are tattooed across your abdomen and lower back. Easily hidden by clothing. Prevents the use of some magical properties of magical armor and robes, but not the physical properties.
    • Armor: Either armors the body or reinforces existing armor. Effect depends on worn armor.
    • Anticryo/Basic/Grounding: Improves resistance to Cold, Acidic, or Electrical damage, depending on your choice.
    • Fortification: These runes protect your body’s most vulnerable places.
  • Waist: Runes cover your pelvic region and thighs. Easily hidden by clothing. Prevents the use of magical belts and similarly worn artifacts.
    • Physique: Improves your physical prowess.
    • Battle: Steadily improves your combat prowess.
    • Healing: Grants the power to heal wounds.
  • Feet: Runes are tattooed on your feet and shins, each one mirroring the other. Easily hidden by pants and shoes. Prevents the use of magical shoes, boots, anklets, etc.
    • Movement: Improves your running speed.
    • Traceless: Lightens your steps, making you harder to detect.
    • Tremors: Allows you to sense things through the ground beneath your feet. Requires bare feet.
    • Reflexes: Your feet can react to danger before your mind does.
  • Arms: Runes are tattooed from your upper arms to your wrist, each arm mirroring the other. The runes can be hidden by long sleeves. They prevent the use of magical bracers, bracelets, armbands, etc.
    • Archery: Provides uncanny prowess with ranged weapons, though precision is still a factor.
    • Shield: Grants an invisible, weightless shield to protect you. Does not function with or supersede a regular shield.
    • Arcane Focus: Improves the effectiveness of your chosen school of magic.
  • Hands: Runes are tattooed on both of your hands, each one mirroring the other. Can be easily hidden by gloves. Prevents the use of magical gloves, gauntlets, handwraps, etc.
    • Nibleness: Improves your reflexes, agility, and hand-eye coordination.
    • Pyromancy: Allows you to ignite things with a snap of your fingers. Must have at least one bare hand (no gloves, weapon, or shield) to do so.
    • Restoration: Allows your hands to grant rest and recovery to a creature. Can not restore life or close wounds.
  • Fingers: Runes are drawn that link each of your fingers on a single hand together. Can be hidden by gloves. A different set of runes can be drawn on each set of fingers, so the fingers of your left hand do not have to match the fingers on your right hand. In fact, matching runes on each set of fingers would be counterproductive, since their effects would be redundant. The runes prevent the use of magical rings on that hand. You may, however, have runes on one hand and wear a magical ring on the other.
    • Protection: A magical field protects your body from harm.
    • Sustenance: Drastically reduces your body’s need for food, water, and rest.
    • Evasion: Improves your ability to avoid damage with a successful dodge.
    • Regeneration: Allows your wounds to heal much faster than others’.
    • Spell-Storage: Your fingers can store a spell, which you may release when you like. Once released, the runes are available to store a new spell.
    • Subversion: Allows an attack to catch an opponent unawares.


The party may also choose to accept artifacts for their gifts instead of runes. The artifacts are fairly powerful, though the Valryn lord cautions that the artifacts will eventually become obsolete while the runes will grow with their wearer.

The part members may choose any sort of weapon, which will be reinforced and given the elemental property of their choice (fire, electric, cold, acid) or any style of armor, similarly fortified against their element of choice.

The party was also offered a strange black sword which is known to be quite powerful and deadly, and also quite evil. What exactly that means is as yet unknown, but the Lord of the Valryn cautioned against using it except in the most dire of circumstances.

Akito immediately took the sword for his own.

Restricted Area Armory
(As translated by Mal)

In order to save time, I’m going to list the display cases and their contents here. It would seem that each case contains three items, though it will only allow you to take one.

The opened cases are also listed, along with details on the item chosen.

  • Case #1 (Opened)
    • EMBER: A short sword with a reddish sheen
    • THE CONDUCTOR: A rapier with a thundercloud design on its hand guard
    • ARCTIC WIND: A falchion with a blue sheen (+1 Enhancement bonus, Frost)
  • Case #2 (Opened)
    • BOOMERANG: A plain dagger with a curved crossguard
    • SPELLCASTER: A shiny dagger with a starburst crossguard. (+1 Enhancement, Spell Storing)
    • VENGEANCE: A vicious-looking, black dagger
  • Case #3
    • THE WARD: A heavy mace. No distinguishing features.
    • STAY DOWN: A warhammer etched with the symbols of several deities.
    • MERCY: A heavy flail whose ball is oddly smooth-looking.
  • Case #4
    • SHRAPNEL: A short bow made of black wood.
    • HAIL: A composite longbow made of some sort of light blue bone.
    • NAPALM ARROWS: Several quivers of arrows bound together for a total of 50 arrows. They have bright orange and red fletching.
  • Case #5
    • SNIPER RIFLE: A light crossbow equipped with what looks like a small spyglass.
    • MORTAR: A heavy crossbow painted a deep red.
    • CRYO BOLTS: Several cases of bolts bound together for a total of 50 bolts. They have white and blue fletching.
  • Case #6
    • MISSILE: A wand made of birch.
    • ARROW: A wand made of ebony.
    • CURE: A wand made of ash.
  • Case #7
    • ALOE: A buckler with a green tint to the metal.
    • FLOATER: A light, wooden shield with a wing design painted on the face.
    • DENIAL: A heavy, iron shield engraved with the image of a bull’s eye.
  • Case #8
    • GHOST: A set of jet black leather armor.
    • CIVILIAN ATTIRE: A set of entirely normal-looking breastplate armor.
    • BULWARK: A set of banded mail, entirely covered in warding runes.
  • Case #9
    • GIANT: A wide belt with a heavy, copper buckle.
    • BATTLE: A thin black belt with a silver buckle.
    • ATHLETIC: A waist sash made of white cloth.
  • Case #10
    • TITAN: A golden torc.
    • FORTUNE: A thin, silver necklace.
    • NATURE: An amulet made of an emerald wrapped small, twisting branches
  • Case #11
    • PROTECTION: A plain, silver ring, etched with runes of protection
    • IDENTIFICATION: Seems to be a ring but, on closer inspection, it’s actually a monocle.
    • ARMING: A golden ring embedded with a flat, black gem
  • Case #12
    • HOLDING: Looks like a large, flannel purse
    • CLIMBING: A 60th length of silk rope
    • IMMOVABLE: A plain, metal rod with a button on one end

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