Restricted Area Armory

(As translated by Mal)

In order to save time, I’m going to list the display cases and their contents here. It would seem that each case contains three items, though it will only allow you to take one.

The opened cases are also listed, along with details on the item chosen.

  • Case #1 (Opened)
    • EMBER: A short sword with a reddish sheen
    • THE CONDUCTOR: A rapier with a thundercloud design on its hand guard
    • ARCTIC WIND: A falchion with a blue sheen (+1 Enhancement bonus, Frost)
  • Case #2 (Opened)
    • BOOMERANG: A plain dagger with a curved crossguard
    • SPELLCASTER: A shiny dagger with a starburst crossguard. (+1 Enhancement, Spell Storing)
    • VENGEANCE: A vicious-looking, black dagger
  • Case #3
    • THE WARD: A heavy mace. No distinguishing features.
    • STAY DOWN: A warhammer etched with the symbols of several deities.
    • MERCY: A heavy flail whose ball is oddly smooth-looking.
  • Case #4
    • SHRAPNEL: A short bow made of black wood.
    • HAIL: A composite longbow made of some sort of light blue bone.
    • NAPALM ARROWS: Several quivers of arrows bound together for a total of 50 arrows. They have bright orange and red fletching.
  • Case #5
    • SNIPER RIFLE: A light crossbow equipped with what looks like a small spyglass.
    • MORTAR: A heavy crossbow painted a deep red.
    • CRYO BOLTS: Several cases of bolts bound together for a total of 50 bolts. They have white and blue fletching.
  • Case #6
    • MISSILE: A wand made of birch.
    • ARROW: A wand made of ebony.
    • CURE: A wand made of ash.
  • Case #7
    • ALOE: A buckler with a green tint to the metal.
    • FLOATER: A light, wooden shield with a wing design painted on the face.
    • DENIAL: A heavy, iron shield engraved with the image of a bull’s eye.
  • Case #8
    • GHOST: A set of jet black leather armor.
    • CIVILIAN ATTIRE: A set of entirely normal-looking breastplate armor.
    • BULWARK: A set of banded mail, entirely covered in warding runes.
  • Case #9
    • GIANT: A wide belt with a heavy, copper buckle.
    • BATTLE: A thin black belt with a silver buckle.
    • ATHLETIC: A waist sash made of white cloth.
  • Case #10
    • TITAN: A golden torc.
    • FORTUNE: A thin, silver necklace.
    • NATURE: An amulet made of an emerald wrapped small, twisting branches
  • Case #11
    • PROTECTION: A plain, silver ring, etched with runes of protection
    • IDENTIFICATION: Seems to be a ring but, on closer inspection, it’s actually a monocle.
    • ARMING: A golden ring embedded with a flat, black gem
  • Case #12
    • HOLDING: Looks like a large, flannel purse
    • CLIMBING: A 60th length of silk rope
    • IMMOVABLE: A plain, metal rod with a button on one end



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