Welcome, friends!

Today I would like to tell you a story.

Long ago, the world was round and large, with many lands and vast oceans the likes of which you wouldn’t believe.

For a long time, humans rules the world and forgot about the other races. Then, in a great war the humans nearly wiped themselves out… and the planet as well.

From the ashes of the world humanity built for itself came the elves, the dwarves, the orcs, and many others who had hidden away during the age of humanity. With them came magic once again.

However, there also came something new: gods walked the earth.

Some were as angels. We know them as the Ma’ari. They sought to build the lesser races into great civilizations. However, their plans were always disrupted by the selfish and power-hungry Valryn.

And so, war broke out once more, and it seemed clear to the Ma’ari that the Earth couldn’t wouldn’t last through another cataclysm. So, the greatest and most powerful Ma’ari used their powers to preemptively sunder the Earth itself.

The Valryn were banished and have not been seen since.

The Ma’ari are said to look down on us from the very highest islands in the realm, but they have not been seen for centuries either.

What happened to the Ma’ari? What happened to the Valryn? Will the Earth ever be made whole again?

These adventurers don’t know it yet, but it is their destiny to find the answers to these questions… on an adventure that, at this time, they can no more comprehend than a leaf comprehends the storm that tore it from the tree.

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