Banemae is a deity considered to be Chaotic Evil. He is known as the God of Dectruction or, simply, the Detroyer.

He is a patron deity of false and destructive magics, especially Evocation and Illusion. His domains are Evil, Magic, and Destruction.


Like his fellow Gods of Magic, Banemae doesn’t have much in the way of a religious following. Instead, mages who seek to use magic for their own personal gain tend to show deference to Banemae.

While destructive and illusory magics are not inherently evil in nature, they often lead to their users becoming power-hungry or greedy. Many good-aligned mages use Evocation and Illusion magics for great good, however, and so many good-aligned people show respect to Banemae.

For whatever reason, orcs tend to worship Banemae (as the Destroyer) as well. It’s unclear if they were taught to worship him by some wizard at some point or if Banemae himself actually favors orcs. Regardless, thanks to orc shamans, Banemae has the largest religious following of any Chaotic or Magic deity.

His favored weapon is the dagger.


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